12-hour CEU Workshop for Licensed Contractors

  • 02/17/2018
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Tisbury Emergency Services Training Room

12-hour CEU Workshop for Licensed Contractors

Instructor: Michael A. Giampietro, C.B.O.

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This two-day workshop covers the following areas:

Day One:

1) 2015 IRC and Mass amendments to the 9th edition of the State Building Code:

The first 4 hours covers the development of building codes and the Commonwealth’s history as to how building codes became mandated. Also reviews the new requirements for Construction Supervisors Licensees for the 9th edition and outlines the Commonwealth and local structures surrounding permitting. Discussion includes, 1) The 2015 International Residential Building Code and the Massachusetts Amendments; 2) How to research code questions; 3) What the chapters of the code mean and how they apply and; 4) The changes from the 2009 code to the 2015 codes pertaining to residential 1 and 2 family construction with code compliance.

2) Energy Code class 2015 IECC with Massachusetts amendments:

The final 2 hours cover Energy Code changes and how we approach energy conservation through the Massachusetts Building Code, including 1) Commonwealth mandated changes; 2) How to achieve compliance in new and existing buildings 3) The incentives to exceed the mandated requirements and; 4) The future of renewal energy and how it may apply to construction.

Day Two:

1) Workman’s Compensation and Best Business Practices:

We first go through what license requirements are for business as well as building permit applications and how to deal with the building department and the town hall when applying for building permits such as the application, permit fees, inter departmental sign offs, fire department review etc. and the requirements of the Home Improvement Contractor law how it is applied and why the Board of Building Regulations and Standards tied the law into a licensee’s renewal. The Workmen’s Compensation part reviews the requirement of workman’s compensation insurance and the requirement to verify the affidavits prior to the issuance of permits by and city of town in the commonwealth, how to obtain Workman’s Compensation insurance and the rates insurance company sets for each trade. This portion of the workshop is approximately 1 hour and is followed by a question and answer section.

2) Safety:

A comprehensive review of O.S.H.A. requirements for the construction industry. This portions of the workshop is approximately 1 hour.

3) 2015 IBC and IEBC Massachusetts Building Code 9th edition with amendments:

Review of the 2015 IBC chapters will be followed by a discussion of the reasons for the chapters how we apply each chapter to a project and what has been amended by the Massachusetts amendments in each chapter. The 2015 IEBC code is reviewed on the three choices for code compliance paths when renovating existing building that are other than a 1 or 2 family dwelling unit.  Approximately 2 hours.

4) M.G.L. 40 A, The Zoning Act:

This highly interactive class starts with the reason for the regulation and moves into how zoning works when building permit applications are sought after. This comprehensive review includes the following: 1) The initial state mandate of zoning; 2) How to read a zoning map; 3) Schedule of zoning uses, structures, districts, setbacks, special permits, variances, exemptions, complaints, findings, statute of limitations. Discussion includes the process to change or add zoning regulations within a community. Approximately 2 hours.

1 Saturday and 1 Sunday 9am- 4pm

February 17 & 18

Tisbury Emergency Services Training Room

Fee: $250 (10% discount for MVBA members)

Co-sponsored by Mass Nail It!

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